I’m always curious about what makes someone support a particular charity.

I’ll share the reason for my choice if you share yours !

A year ago I had a friend who wanted to donate her hair. She had been growing it out for that purpose.

I agreed to help her. She told me about a charity called Wigs for Kids. I hadn’t heard anything about them so I decided to check them out. Their website was informative and very inspirational. Check em out! I think you’ll see what I mean: www.wigsforkids.org.

At the time, there was only one salon in the Seattle area that was affiliated with them an it was way up in Anacortes. I couldn’t believe that was it! Seattle is a big city! Why weren’t there more salons listed? And why shouldn’t Cheveux Design be listed? I decided to apply. I have alot of expertise to offer. I soon became affiliated and am able to help these kids in need.

Wigs for Kids will donate a custom made wig or hairpiece for any child who qualifies. They don’t care what type of hair loss he or she has suffered.It’s a great program and it means so much to kids who have lost their hair!

I’m waiting for my first recipients’ wig to come in now. I’m so excited to see her face when she has a full head of hair again! She’s an adorable 12 yr. old who lost about 80% of her hair in a matter of a couple of months from alopecia areata. She’s a girl after my own heart. She’s a cheerleader, loves animals, fishing, and camping. She’s mini-me! LOL

So, that’s my story about the charity of my choice.

Tell me yours!