I recently took a trip to L.A. to visit House of European Hair. They are a manufacturer of wigs and hairpieces that are made with raw, unprocessed, natural hair.

Since I’ve been doing business with them for the last 6 months, I thought it would be great to visit their offices so that I could put faces to the names I’ve had phone conversations with. You know how it is, you speak to a person over the phone when placing an order and it just seems awkward. At least it does to me!

So I arranged a visit with Cristal, my sales rep. I flew down on a Thursday morning.

That afternoon I met up with an old friend that I had worked with during my days at Hair Club in Seattle. Oddly enough, she works for for HairArt in their salon in Sherman Oaks. She showed me around the salon and introduced me to a couple of her coworkers. Everyone was really friendly and I learned a few tidbits while there.

Friday morning I drove the 20 miles or so to the HairArt offices in Gardena to meet with Cristal.

I was dumbfounded by how huge the building is. I wasn’t expecting that.

Cristal was great! She showed me around, answered all of my questions, and helped me with a custom order I had brought with me.

The thing that sets them apart is not only the quality of the hair, but the fact that the owner hand-selects the bundles of hair to be used for each custom order. I’ve never seen that before! Most vendors don’t have the hair in house. Usually an order is sent out of the country and the hair is selected there.

I was impressed! I also was able to select the hair that would be used to make the order I had brought with me. That was pretty cool!!

The warehouse is liking walking into a Costco for hair. The boxes are sorted by color and texture to include every shade of red imaginable. Natural gray, blondes, brunettes, and every texture you can think of.

Now that I’ve met Cristal and have seen the warehouse, I am extremely confident in ordering from them. I wouldn’t hesitate to order a custom hair replacement from them for any of my discerning clients.

What a great experience!

This is their warehouse - all those boxes are full of real hair!

This is their warehouse – all those boxes are full of real hair!


And here's a peek into one of the boxes, it's all sorted by color.

And here’s a peek into one of the boxes, it’s all sorted by color.