Believe it or not, 40% of women in America suffer from some form of hair loss. It’s well documented that it has been much more acceptable for men to go through hair loss.

Just the fact that when my career began in the hair replacement industry, the company I worked for was focused only on men’s hair loss. I have seen a change in that area over the years, but still not enough.

Most physicians still don’t pay much attention to a women’s complaints of thinning hair.

A women’s hair is considered her crowning glory. It can be devastating to go through the process of losing one’s hair. There are many women who won’t even step foot into a salon, since most salon’s have an open floor plan with no privacy.

Cheveux Design has taken great care to ensure privacy by offering private rooms. The goal is to offer confidentiality and a warm, comfortable space where you can enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee, hot towel massage, aromatherapy. and friendly conversation.