Q. Do you work with kids with hair loss?

A. I certainly do! I am affiliated with “Wigs for Kids”, an organization that provides hair replacement for children with all types of hairloss.

Q. How often do you recommend shampooing a wig/hairpiece?

A. A lot depends on how much product you use and how active you are. In general, a wig should be shampooed about every 5 wears. A hairpiece that is semi-permanently attached should be shampooed at least every 3rd day.

Q. Why is a sulfate-free shampoo important?

A. Sulfates strip the hair of oils and can cause sensitivities or inflammation of the scalp. They also weaken the hair.

Q. How long does a typical bond last for a hair replacement?

A. There are many types of bonds available. Each one has varied hold times, depending on your activity level and how oily your scalp is. It can be anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks.

Q. What is the average cost of a hair replacement?

A. It varies. An inexpensive, synthetic wig can cost $300 and a top of the line, luxury wig can cost as much as $4500 depending on length and color desired.

Q. Can I bring friends or family with me when I get my hair replacement cut and styled?

A. Absolutely!! I encourage you to bring someone with you. Keep in mind, because We will be working in a private room, space is at a premium.